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Leading Beauty with innovation

Corporate Sustainability

Global Leader in Cosmetic Packaging Industry, Aiming at Customer Success

We are committed to providing innovative and sustainable solutions to drive industry development. As a leader in the industry, we master the core technology of research and development to provide customers with total solutions in the most efficient manner. Equally important, we always uphold the concept of sustainability and strive to help customers create maximum social value. Headquartered in Taiwan, LIBO has offices and factories in the United States and China, providing services worldwide.

We believe that satisfying our customers' needs is the primary requirement for success. Over the years, we have been upholding "innovation", "efficiency" and "total solutions" as our core concepts, aiming to help our customers to solve their pain points creatively and efficiently when facing the ever-changing beauty market. We provide one-stop solutions from initial consultation, product development and design production and manufacturing to after-sales service to ensure that our customers' needs are perfectly solved and to drive their success.

Pursuing the Ultimate in "Innovation" and "Efficiency"

In keeping with our values of innovation and sustainability, LIBO continues to build the R&D center and organize specialized teams, invest heavily in process technology and the latest production equipment, and constantly improve our ability to innovate and implement. We embody the concept of efficiency in our organizational structure, corporate culture senior-level involvement and customization capabilities to maintain a high degree of flexibility and responsiveness and to respond to customer needs promptly.


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Leading Beauty with Innovation

LIBO has always adhered to the core commitment of "Leading Beauty with Innovation." We aim to advance the "beauty" industry through our innovative capabilities, while simultaneously placing a strong emphasis on the value of talent, pursuing the maximum benefit for our partners, and actively fulfilling our responsibilities as a social enterprise. Our commitment extends to creating a better work experience for our employees and, more importantly, joining hands with all of you to collectively create a more beautiful world for society, the environment, and people.